Project Management & Costing

Construction Supervision, Project Management, Inspection and Certification

Whether our clients require a new bridge or building, what they want from Scouten is certainty. We deliver certainty of design and cost, and assurance that we will deliver the project on time and on budget. Whether we provide field supervision, project management or inspection and certification services we deliver certainty. Specific field services include; verification of reinforcing steel placement in cast-in-place concrete structures, inspection and certification of formwork and falsework, dimensional checks of structural elements and pile driving inspection.

Administrative services include: preparation of change notices, assessment of contractor’s construction schedules and proposed work plans and verification of progress draws and contract payments. For commercial and large residential projects Scouten provides Schedules of Assurance in accordance with the BC Building Code and assumes complete responsibility for the integrity of the building structure.

At Scouten we believe responsibility, accountability and performance provide our clients with the certainty they expect.

Tender Packages, Technical Specification and Other Construction Documents

Scouten works with our clients through the design, procurement, construction and commissioning phases of structural and civil projects. We deliver clearly written tender documents which reduce potential conflicts during a project. Administrative and technical documents are prepared with our client’s certainty in mind and conform to the best practices of the consulting engineering and construction industries in western Canada.