Grade Separation Structures

Highway Bridges and Grade Separation Structures

Scouten provides conceptual, preliminary and detailed design of highway bridges and grade separation structures. Our designs are in accordance with CAN/CSA-S6 Design of Highway Bridges or other applicable governing design codes. We will look after your substructure or superstructure needs along with ancillary features such as approach roadworks, guardrailing and sidewalks.

Scouten designed a grade separation structure for the Ministry of Transportation and Highways that utilized precast, post-tensioned “tub girder” segments, acting compositely with a high strength, cast-in-place concrete deck.

Scouten also has experience with trapezoidal steel box girders and conventional plate girders. In all cases the design drawings are produced to the highest level of standard specificedspecified by the relevant approval agencies.

Separation grade for highway overpass
Separation grade for highway overpass