Commercial Industrial & Retail Buildings

Commercial, Industrial and Retail Buildings

Scouten offers design services for a wide spectrum of commercial, industrial and retail buildings in accordance with current building codes.

Scouten designs include; wood-framed, cast-in-place concrete, structural concrete block masonry and braced structural steel frames. Scouten designed buildings include; warehouses, process and bulk material storage enclosures, retail and office facilities. Our larger industrial buildings are designed with attention to overhead cranes or heavy process equipment such as ball mills or whole-log chippers, unique to the industrial sector.

Scouten provides one-stop design services coordinating long-term sub-consultants with mechanical, electrical and geotechnical engineering expertise. We take your project from feasibility to design, through permitting processes, tender period services, construction supervision and issuing Schedules of Assurance.

Industrial building full of equipment
Industrial building full of equipment