Municipal & Industrial Utility Connections

Reinforced Concrete Environmental, Drainage and Water Supply Structures

Scouten provides preliminary and detailed design of water storage facilities, including cast-in-place concrete, structural steel or earthen reservoirs. We also design ancillary structures including pump houses, valve chambers, mechanical rooms and pipe supports.

Water storage and effluent treatment structures have specific requirements for crack control and water tightness. At Scouten we know the rigorous design standards prepared by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and Canadian Portland Cement Association (CPCA) and we follow them explicitly to ensure the most durable and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

New legislative requirements now compel industrial and municipal clients to provide sophisticated tertiary treatment of liquid effluents. Scouten can provide planning, design and implementation of concrete clarifiers and effluent conditioners.

Sewer manhole cover

Site Servicing, Civil Connections and Interface Piping to Industrial Facilities

Scouten has provided civil engineering and design services to municipal governments for many years. Scouten has also provided these services to a wide range of commercial land developers and industrial clients. Our design services include; site servicing of sewer, water and other utilities, storm drainage and mechanical interfacing piping connections.

Scouten also provides preparation of technical civil specifications, tender documents, and the administration, layout and supervision of construction contracts.

Sewer manhole cover