Planning & Technical Services

Feasibility Studies and Engineered Cost Estimates

Scouten prepares feasibility studies and engineered cost estimates. Our clients rely on our ability to deliver accurate cost estimates so they can plan their projects and budgets with no surprises.

Our web-based virtual technical data library provides our team with instant access to information when serving our clients. Scouten also maintains a large office library of technical reference materials. Our team accesses both libraries to ensure our clients get the most accurate study and cost information on which to plan and cost their projects.

3-D Representation of Bridges, Buildings and Civil Engineering Works

Scouten believes a picture is still worth a thousand words and a 3-D image of a new bridge, building or civil engineered project is worth even more to our clients. When our clients can see our creative solutions to their design and construction challenges it provides them with confidence in Scouten’s ability to deliver.

Our CAD (computer assisted design) technicians prepare accurate three dimensional (3-D) representations to review with our clients before the project moves to final design and construction. Our 3-D representations allow our clients, government authorities and relevant agencies to see exactly what will be constructed with each project. Our technology allows for changes and alterations to a project before final design and construction. Our 3-D systems allow Scouten to present innovative solutions to our clients at each stage of the preliminary design process.

Our clients really benefit from our use of 3-D technology when a project enters the detailed design stage because our team can model complex spatial geometry and identify and correct any incompatibilities long before the project is approved for construction. At Scouten we know the most current technology produces the best results for our clients for the least cost.