Highway & Road Design & Construction

Highway and Road Design

The Scouten team has overseen the design of hundreds of kilometers of roads and highways since our firm began serving our clients in 1995. Scouten has designed highways, resource roads, urban road systems and even country roads to serve the many rural areas in the North. Our team provides the most up-to-date and innovative solutions to every road and highway design challenge.

Our design team at Scouten uses the most current design software to download pre-construction survey information and produce a three dimensional terrain model of each road and highway project that shows our clients exactly what the project will look like before, during and after construction. Our advanced design system allows quick resolution of issues around excavation limits, material quantities and payments.

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Highway and Road Construction, Supervision and Project Management

We have a long and successful track record of project management at Scouten. We’ll supply full or part time inspection and administration of contracts. Our technical services team will also provide layout survey, quantity verification, compaction inspection and testing services.

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