Resource Road Bridge Design, Tendering and Construction

Need a new bridge? Scouten will design it, prepare the tender documents and provide construction management services to ensure you get the best. All bridge designs are in accordance with CAN/CSA-S6-00 Design of Highway Bridges specifications. These can be modified for specific requirements of resource road clients. We've designed bridges for loads of excess of 100 tons gross vehicular weight and spans of 15 meters to over 100 meters.

Scouten bridges are often constructed in remote areas with extreme topography and adverse weather conditions. Our bridges are designed to be constructed during the short northern building season and restrictive backcountry environmental regulations. Superstructure configurations include simple and continuous spans, supported by a variety of foundation options. We design with construction materials that include: structural steel, precast, pre-stressed concrete, cast-in-place concrete and structural timber.

Bridge Abutment and Substructure Design

Bridge abutment designs are always site specific and finalized only after the watershed hydrology is complete and an accurate site plan has been developed.

All Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Land and Water BC Inc. and Navigable Waters Protection Act regulations are identified during the design stage so that each bridge abutment project conforms to regulatory requirements. Particular attention is paid to erosion protection and sediment control in fish bearing watercourses.

Scouten bridge abutment solutions include: driven pipe piles, precast concrete spread footings, galvanized binwall systems and cast-in-place concrete alternatives.