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Company Profile

Scouten & Associates Engineering Ltd. is a dynamic consulting civil and structural private company based in Prince George, British Columbia. We provide innovative solutions to challenging situations, using the latest design and detailing techniques. With extensive experience in preliminary and detailed design, preparation of budgetary cost estimates and the production of engineering drawings and graphics, Scouten & Associates has been
meeting the needs of clients since 1995.

Scouten & Associates fully embraces the concept of ‘value engineering’ –identifying opportunities at every stage of a project to reduce cost without sacrificing functionality or long term performance. We are committed to cost control through efficiency, not cutting corners. Scouten & Associates is a team oriented firm, committed to working cooperatively with the Owner, Prime Consultant and other members of the consultant group to deliver cost effective projects of exceptional quality and assisting our clients with the successful delivery of their projects from start to finish.

Scouten & Associates Engineering Ltd. provides professional and technical services to clients in the central and northern interior of British Columbia, northwestern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and Nunavet.

Scouten & Associates offers higher value-added engineering to clients in the transportation, energy, mining, sawn lumber and pulp and paper industries - all key sectors with respect to primary economic growth in the northern area. We understand the unique challenge of providing diversified, sustainable economic activity in an extremely broad geographical area, with limited transportation service and connectivity.

We provide conceptual, preliminary and detailed designs for structural and civil engineering projects of all sizes in the industrial, resource extraction, transportation and commercial sectors. We also provide project management, contract administration and construction period services, assisting our clients with the successful delivery of their projects from start to finish.

Summary of Professional and Technical Services

  • Design of industrial and commercial structures, including buildings, reservoirs, equipment foundations and skids, pipe supports, cranes, and tanks
  • Design of heavy civil structures, including piled and raft foundations, retaining walls, clarifiers and outfall structures
  • Design of industrial piping arrangements (steam, liquor, slurry, wastewater, etc.)
  • Design of highway and resource road bridges and stream crossings
  • Design of remedial works to strengthen existing bridges and structures to meet current design Code requirements
  • Design of all civil engineering works, including water supply, sanitary and storm sewers, land drainage systems, parking lots, roads and surface works
  • Design, inspection and certification of temporary structures, including concrete formwork and falsework
  • Assessment of existing buildings and other structures, including
    professional certification in accordance with WorkSafe BC Regulations
  • Preparation of Cause and Origin assessments for structural and civil property losses and the provision of expert testimony
  • Preparation of feasibility studies and engineered cost estimates
  • Preparation of detailed design drawings, tender packages, technical specifications and contract documents
  • Total station field survey and preparation of site plans, terrain models, grading plans and resource quantity surveys
  • Preparation of engineered drawings and details using AutoCad, Civil 3D and SolidWorks.
  • Administration of construction contracts, including inspection, reporting, preparation of progress certificates and other documentation