The Scouten Story

We have been successfully meeting the needs of our clients since 1995. Our people provide innovative solutions to challenging situations. Our solutions have helped us earn a reputation as the creative problem solvers company. We embrace value-engineering which identifies opportunities at every stage of project development to reduce cost without sacrificing functionality or long term performance.

We respond quickly to calls for urgent assistance. We are known for jumping in a truck or getting on a plane within hours. We are a team-oriented engineering and solutions firm where everyone lends their skills and expertise to develop the best outcome for each new challenge. Clients receive our collective-best effort every time they call. We know our region (Central and Northern BC, Northwestern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut). We know our clients. We know what they need to succeed. They know that when they call Scouten they will receive superb service and innovative solutions.

Scouten is about value-added structural and civil engineering, project management, contract administration, construction services, and most of all, innovative solutions at a cost effective price. We work hard to earn the trust of our clients and we love it when they tell others about how pleased they are with our work. Feel like it's time to test the 'Thinking Beyond' approach at Scouten? We look forward to assisting you with your projects.

Scouten Solutions - Thinking Beyond.

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Company Experience

Scouten Engineering has been providing professional engineering and technical support services to our clients throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories and Nunavut since 1995.

Our experience in the delivery of professional engineering and related technical services and our approach to all of our engineering service agreements can be summarized as follows:

  1. We know what we are - We're a relatively small firm (of less than 20 employees) committed to the delivery of exceptional engineering services. We don't pretend to be a company of 1000 employees, because we're not
  2. We know who we are - We're a group of like-minded, enthusiastic and extremely well-trained individuals committed to living and working in northern BC. We raise our families here and have a vested interest in the economic development and diversification of northern BC.
  3. We know what we can do - We've taken on projects as small as can be imagined and other projects much larger than can expected from a firm of our size. We have complete confidence in our abilities but know our limitations so we collaborate with larger engineering colleagues when required.
  4. We know what our clients expect - We've seen clients disappointed in the service they've received from other much larger, but geographically remote consultants and advisors. We know that our clients in north-central BC and northwestern Alberta expect and deserve timely and effective professional service.
  5. We know who our clients are - We've come to know our clients as more than billing numbers, or abstract names on revenue forecasts. We consistently treat our clients as human beings, also living and working in northern BC, with whom we can build meaningful, long-term professional relationships.

Our approach to all of our projects is simple - provide consistently excellent engineering advice and ‘product’ (including drawings, technical specifications and other documents) on time and on budget.